The LLC IMIR-TRADE GROUP company is founded in 2000 and already is among large producers of soft drinks in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

OOO “IMIR-TRADE GROUP” is a series of soft drinks production : legendary Russian soft drinks (Pinocchio, Pear, Tarragon) and carbonated drinks (Cola, Mojito, Lemonade) made with high quality ingredients for the trademarks “PRIDE” and “FRUCTIS”. In addition, the company is engaged in the production of carbonated and non-carbonated drinking water in PET containers under the brand name “BIOLIFE”. The company also started the production of cold tea brand “TEA TIME”.

These carbonated drinks can safely drink both adults and children. Taking care of your health and the health of your loved ones, you can be calm, because non-alcoholic beverages LLC “IMIR-TRADE GROUP” are made of high quality ingredients and meet all the requirements of the state standard of Uzbekistan and international standards ISO9001.

The water purification system is produced in modern equipment from the company “ARIONEX” (Switzerland), where water from the artesian well passes multistage mechanical and disinfecting filters.

Production of beverages at the plant is carried out on modern German equipment from the company “KHS GmbH”, which allows us to guarantee the quality of manufactured products.

Production of soft drinks is a high-tech process, which is monitored by qualified technologists who have experience with Soviet carbonated drinks. This is what allows “IMIR-TRADE GROUP” LLC to assert that we follow a long tradition, preserving the taste of this drink.

The company is working daily on the modernization and expansion of the production line, which makes it possible to provide quality service and timely delivery of goods to customers.